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University Lutheran Chapel Ann Arbor - Sermons

May 28, 2023

Today we launch our first summer sermon series Dead Guy Summer with a message on a heroes of the faith, featuring Basil. Today is also Pentecost Sunday. The same Spirit that was present at Pentecost pointing men and women to Jesus is present in and through the Word, pointing you to Jesus. Because Jesus is the salvation...

May 22, 2023

Guest Pastor Ken Huner completes our Easter series with this message, Risen to Complete

May 14, 2023

As Jesus meets with Peter after his resurrection, he invites Peter and us to love Him, depend on him, and follow him even into death. 

May 9, 2023

Pastor Marcus continues the series on He is Risen with the message Risen to Remind. This message shares how every moment, every relationship, every interaction is lived in the newness of Christ and his forgiveness. 

May 1, 2023

In these two verse John invites us to see that Jesus is connected to every area of our lives. The reality of Jesus’ resurrection means he is alive now, we can know him, be transformed by him, and find life in his name.