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University Lutheran Chapel Ann Arbor - Sermons

Mar 31, 2024

Jesus is Risen! He is Risen indeed, Alleluia! Jesus has come, he has died, and rose again. And right now, he is calling out to you. Come, put your trust in him, and find life.

Mar 28, 2024

Throughout redemptive history God has used meals to deliver his people. In the last supper Jesus institutes a meal that unites us to God’s redemptive work; past, present, and future. 

Mar 24, 2024

After the wall around Jerusalem is completed the people of Israel gather at the city gate and hear from God’s Word. At first the law convicts them of their failure before God, but as God’s Word continues to work on their hearts they go home rejoicing in the deliverance of their God. In the same way, we don’t...

Mar 17, 2024

The restoration that our world needs, that you and I need, is in this Jesus. He has come into the world for you. He went to the cross & died for you. He rose again for you. Jesus has come to restore you so that you might live with God’s help free from fear and reflect this Jesus to the world.

Mar 10, 2024

As Nehemiah and his crew begin rebuilding the walls of the Jerusalem they encounter opposition. But, we see in Nehemiah’s leadership that they are prepared to continue to build as they find their refuge in the Lord. In the same way we are called to defend ourselves agains the lies of the enemy and find our refuge...